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We can make a difference in the life of needy children

Around the world, there are many well-known charitable organisations but few can pride themselves in working to achieve the ideals we advocate: love of humanity, help to the deprived, generosity and fraternity.

One of our basic principles is that all Council members serve in an unpaid volunteer capacity, covering expenses personally. Therefore all donations go to the children.

Contact Us

Contact the Director of SPES-USA,
Sofia Bounds
email spesusadonate@gmail.com.
Tel: 609- 947-1896

See also
http://spesworld.free.fr or through GOOGLE at « SPES Togo

For Letters :
Mme Senya Patience Ewovon- Mensah
Email: pasenya50@yahoo.com
Directrice de la Maison SPES
02 BP 20324
Togo West Africa
Rue Notre Dame de la Misericorde
Quartier Kelekoogan